Zip Line/Canopy Tours

Zip Lining is one of the most popular adventure tours our guests like to experience. The thrill is indescribable; the feeling of flying as high as birds is exciting while taking in the breathtaking scenery is an experience of a lifetime.

The difference between Zip Lining and a Canopy tour is mainly the location where the activities take place. Zip Lining involves riding a steel cable between two points generally at heights over spectacular sceneries. The word canopy refers to the tallest trees in jungles. So Zip Lining in Costa Rica encompasses soaring over deep gorges as well as the treetops of the jungle below.

Our very first experience was at Bourinquen Thermal Resort, just north of Liberia near Rincon de la Viejo Volcano. A unique experience! Start with a horseback ride to the first platform and fly over the treetops, zipping across the canyon and in front of the breathtaking Borinquen Waterfall. This Canopy has 15 platforms and 12 cables and is quite spectacular.

Another favorite much closer to our beach house is The Congo Trail which features 10 cables, and 3 hanging bridges, with distances ranging from 50 to 400 meters. You’ll soar through the treetops, reaching heights of up to 30 meters above the forest floor. It’s suitable for adventurous kids and adults. The professional guides fit you with all the necessary safety equipment, including harnesses and helmets, and provide you with a detailed safety briefing before you begin your adventure. There is also a certified Monkey Sanctuary and ATV tours on site.

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