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Why Green Season is Secretly the Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

May through October is known in Costa Rica as the Green Season; technically their “winter”. Our beach house, Casa Las Brisas, is located in Playa Flamingo on the NW Pacific coast in the province of Guanacaste. Although this area is known for having sunny, warm days year round, there are occasional late afternoon rains this time year. After almost six months of dry, hot weather with no rain at all, the plants and trees all soak up the first rains in early May and turn from scrubby brown to lush green. The weather becomes a bit cooler, with highs in the mid-80’s instead of upper 90’s. The beaches have cool breezes that keep the humidity lower than in the interior rainforests.  Pure delight!

In addition to the perfect temps and low humidity, there are several other benefits to traveling to Costa Rica during Green Season. Rental rates are lower, and availability is much better for planning your vacation, especially when the kids are on Summer Break. Adventure tours and private guides rates may also be lower during Green Season. Restaurants will generally have seating without a long wait. You will also find parks, trails and even beaches are not crowded, and sometimes you will have them all to yourself. The quieter it is the more you can enjoy nature.

Since it rains more frequently, rivers are fuller which makes waterfalls spectacular. One of our favorite spots is Rio Celeste. Two rivers meet and a certain type of mineral turns the water a vivid blue. There are trails and gorgeous waterfalls. Rains also make the white water rafting more thrilling. There are Class III and IV in Canas, located about 1.5 hour drive from Casa Las Brisas. This is a prime destination for experienced rafters as well as guided tours on slower rivers for the less adventurous. For more favorite spots that we highly recommend please visit our Top 10 List

Full disclosure, mid to late September can be a bit more rainy but still has glorious mornings;  October can have daily downpours and really restrict outdoor activities (except for sitting under palapas at a beach bar). Our very first trip to Costa Rica was in mid-September for our anniversary. We had fun filled sunny days but each evening we would hang out at the hotel bar chatting with the other guests; then take a bottle back to our covered patio and listen to the gentle rain hit the palm fronds and banyan leaves, which is ideal for lulling you to sleep.

Rio Celeste
Rio Celeste

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