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The Flamingo Marina

Back in the day the Flamingo Marina was the only marina between Acapulco and The Panama Canal.. After its closure in 2003 there had been several proposals, none of which could achieve governmental approval. The green light for the current redevelopment proposal was given in 2018. This has been a greatly anticipated project and construction finally got underway in 2019. 

This area has one of the most famous white sand beaches, good infrastructure, a major international airport, medical clinics, good schools, lots of entertainment and hotels close by. The marina is finally adding back to Flamingo what Flamingo for a very long time has been known for.  Luxury Homes, white and black sand beaches, sport fishing tournaments and a world class marina.

Flamingo Marina Scope:

The Flamingo Marina development includes approximately 175 wet slips, a dry boat storage facility, fueling station, heliport, and two mixed-use retail and residential sites totaling more than 15,000 m2.

By Fall 2021, 134 of the 175 slips should be ready. The target date for completion of Phase 2 is 2023. By then, Marina Flamingo’s developers expect to complete restaurants, shops, a hotel, and a conference center. It’s all “surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Costa Rican Gold Coast,” says John Matheson, president of F3 Marina. With the assistance of national and local government officials, the Coast Guard, and even the U.S. State Department, the property will be “a true destination marina.”

Marina Rendering
Marina Rendering

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