Best Beaches along the Gold Coast of Costa Rica

Playa Flamingo

The particular area of Costa Rica where Casa Las Brisas is located is known as The Gold Coast. There are countless beaches, each with their own unique features and vibe. Some are renowned for surfing, others are more secluded and calm, some are ideal for boogie boarding and body surfing and others are lined with palms and banyan trees to escape the sun to read a good book or take a nap. Many are covered with shells of every description, some have almost none. There are white sand beaches and black sand beaches. Whatever your mood, there is a perfect beach for you to discover and enjoy. 

I may be partial, but…Playa Flamingo embodies so many of the great things I look for in a beach; 1 mile of pristine, white sand, lava outcroppings on each end, gentle surf allows for paddle boarding, kayaking and body surfing, ideal for early morning walks before coffee, tree lined so I can set up my beach chairs and cooler, and very few other people to intrude on my serenity. It has been ranked as the #2 beach in all of Costa Rica, with Playa Conchal directly across the bay ranked #1. Casa Las Brisas is perched on a hillside directly above Flamingo and has stunning panoramic views of Brasilito and Conchal to the south.

But even I like to have a change once in awhile, so it’s easy to drive 5-10 minutes in either direction to find just the right one for the day. All the beaches are open to the public, but some are only accessed by driving down a twisted, bumpy dirt road in the middle of nowhere, but all of a sudden it opens up and you are in a pristine, lovely spot, frequently with only a handful of other people, and maybe a few dogs.

“It’s true. I’ve spent some time in Tamarindo and Playas del Coco, but if you look at the coastline between them — Playas Grande, Conchal, Brasilito, Flamingo, Potrero, Pan de Azúcar and Danta — you’ll find a microcosm of almost everything Costa Rica has to offer within a half-hour drive.”  – Travel writer for Tico Times 2016

The Resource Book at Casa Las Brisas has an entire section devoted to neighboring beaches and how to reach them. The beach house has coolers, boogie boards, beach chairs and towels so all you need is sunscreen, a good book, beer and ice!