Palo Verde Capuchin


There are four species of monkeys found in Costa Rica, with the Howler being the most common around our coastal area in Guanacaste. We frequently hear them before actually seeing them, hence their very aptly name of “Howler”. They generally travel in groups or clans, swingling in the trees, hanging upside down munching on leaves or carefully running along fences or power lines. If you are driving and see people standing on the side of the road staring up and pointing or taking pictures, it’s likely there are a group of monkeys in the canopy above. 

Mama and baby Howlers
Mama and baby Howlers

The other species commonly seen in our area is the very cute white-faced Capuchin monkey. We’ve seen them while playing golf and on the Palo Verde river trip. They are very social and will jump right on the boat and take bananas gently out of your hand. For a more extensive read on the Capuchins, click on the article from the Tico Times below:

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