Just Imagine

Relaxing on the Beach


Imagine taking a walk on a pristine white sand beach, splashing in the surf, and sitting under a banyan tree with a good book, listening to the waves gently breaking in front of you.



Fresh, Organic Everything

The area has one beach front restaurant after another, each with fresh seafood, vegetables and tropical fruits that are a food lover’s delight.

Rio Celeste

Adventure Tours

Imagine exploring the mountains on horseback, swimming beneath a waterfall, zip lining through a jungle canopy, snorkeling in the Catalina Islands, or seeing a volcano erupt!


Perfect Sunset

Perfect Sunsets

Imagine gathering each evening on the upper terrace to watch the sun slowly dip below the Pacific, and see the sky slowly change from blue and orange to pink and purple.



Feel Free to Ask

Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions, that you may have regarding the property, the rooms, the area, availability, booking or anything else, that`s on your mind. We are online every day and we are here for you.