Diving by the Catalinas

Some of the best diving in Costa Rica is right off the shore of Playa Flamingo at the Catalina Islands. About 3 million years ago the entire area was a huge volcanic crater and the remnants of that crater form a ring of basalt islands that are spectacular dive spots. 
What makes the Catalina’s a favorite among scuba divers is the chance of seeing the pacific giant manta ray. This is the biggest species of Mantas in the world. In addition to mantas, a huge variety of other marine life can be seen; white tip reef sharks, several other species of rays, a few types of turtles, lots of morays, sea snakes, and a plethora of fish.
Less common, but possible, there are sometimes whale sharks, tiger sharks, humpback whales, and in a few instances even orca whales have been spotted in these waters.
During your surface intervals you will be amazed by the devil rays which use the waters around the Catalina Islands as a playground. You will frequently see these creatures launching and flipping several feet out of the water coming down with a splash.
The location of the islands, paired with the currents, the shape and contours of the islets, as well as the depth, make these islands a fantastic spot for large amounts of marine life to gather, and well within recreational diving limits.

Devil Ray

Ridley Turtle

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